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LIFE etc Magazine – June/July 2015

Trust in Mr T Autos THE ONE-STOP SHOP FOR CAR SERVICING, MOTS AND REPAIRS I love my car, when it drives me from A to B. I I fill it with petrol, wrestle with an air pump for its tyres and occasionally pour in a glug of oil; but that's the limit of our relationship.…
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LIFE etc Magazine – Summer 2016

Crash Bang Wallop MR T AUTOS IS NOT JUST THERE FOR MECHANICAL ISSUES WITH YOUR CAR, THE GUYS ARE HERE TO PICK UP THE PIECES, LITERALLY, WHEN YOUR CAR HAS BEEN SCRATCHED, BUMPED OR PRANGED Kevin "Cannibal" Smith is the dedicated technician to turn to when prangs ruin your motoring days. In fact, don't just…
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LIFE etc Magazine – Spring 2016

Trust in MR T Autos The one-stop-shop for car servicing, MOTS and repairs Finding a garage you trust can be a nightmare. Often we hear about the mechanics turned mercenaries - the bad guys who charge more or don't repair what needs fixing. But what about the good guys - the commandos of their profession?…
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