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Our guide to making summer driving a cool breeze

Firstly, as the owner of Mr T Autos, this is not a summer blog on driving. What we want is for you to have a happy journey, safe with your family. That’s why at Mr T Autos we do our best to make sure your car is fit and safe for the journey. The guys…
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Shine your ride

Keeping your car looking good does seem like an endless battle. Driving around, you expose your ride to every kind of pollution. Cleaning your pride and joy, not only eats into your precious weekend hours, but some of the strong chemicals, if not applied correctly, can do damage to the paintwork too. And, it’s not…
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Don’t blow hot and cold this summer

While we are, all enjoying, a lovely hot summer this year, there is one saviour when comes to getting out and about: air conditioning. However, use it wisely, as it is not just a matter of pressing a button; there are correct ways of using this system so that it's not just for ambient temperature,…
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Driving Home For Christmas

As you plan Christmas journeys to meet friends and family, Andy Thurgood - owner of Mr T Autos -  is advising you on driving on the motorway, in the dark, and with children on-board, to ensure your Christmas journeys home are as safe as possible. Have A Safe Journey Plan your journey ahead and have…
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Get That ‘Just Drove Out Of A Showroom’ Look

Do you long for that ‘just drove out of a showroom look’? Well now you can with an incredible new product: HybridX. It protects tens better and longer than the current leading car care brands; plus, it costs less to apply in comparison and, the best part, it’s totally organic - so no lung-busting smells,…
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Brrrrr! We Can Get Your Car Ready For Winter Driving

With the nights closing in, temperatures dropping and driving conditions worsening every day, it’s important to ensure your car is ready for the colder weather and winter driving. To give drivers complete peace of mind, Mr T Autos can give your vehicle a health check. “Winter can bring with it some pretty nasty driving conditions;…
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