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How to get ‘tyred’ from lockdown

My guys and I are looking forward to the easing of the current lockdown restrictions. Little by little, we will get back to normal, but we urge you before setting off to check your tyres – not just for tread wear, but condition and air pressure. We understand how the impact of this pandemic has…
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Lockdown car care is still essential

We know there is some confusion about what is essential and what is not during the current lockdown. I receive many calls asking whether an MOT is worth it. Honestly, it is, and we are here to help sort it out for you. I can see where the confusion is coming from. During the first…
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Once, twice, three times, we are here for you whenever

We are all aware that the next few weeks will be the hardest as we enter the third lockdown. We are open, and we are here to protect you against unnecessary car problems. Following Boris Johnson’s announcement for a shutdown to be in place until 15 February, the government has NOT introduced an MOT exemption…
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Don’t ‘let it go’, get a winter health check

With 2020 highlighting the essential things in life, Christmas is going to be meaningful to us all. Travelling to see loved ones already has its difficulties this year. So, here are some ways to avoid your rendition of Frozen – because the cold will bother you when you’re stranded on the side of the road. How…
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Let our ‘smart’ guys service your electric vehicle

Electric Vehicle (EV) may require less maintenance, but do not be fooled into thinking these types of cars are service-free. So, what do you have to maintain under the hood of an EV? (Or wherever else place they keep these things?) Let us look at the top five EV maintenance needs. Ranking in order of the…
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Right here, right now, Mr T Autos is here for you

Saturday’s news is not what any of us wanted to hear. Still, as we head towards another lockdown from Thursday, we hope you are staying safe and well during this second wave of disruption. Your car, although stationary right now, is still a crucial part of your armoury, protecting you and your family during this…
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Top tips for driving in the driving rain

Rain nearly every day, well, winter is coming. Are you ready for the potential challenges of driving on the roads? There are several safety precautions which should be observed when driving in the rain. These are things you can do to ensure you, your passenger’s, and other people’s safety. Use your headlights and your wipers.…
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Get your car ready for a summer staycation

Summer is here! After several months of lockdown and travel restrictions, we know that many cars will require extra attention to prepare them for busier summer months and the staycations to come. While the Government’s advice to drivers is to limit certain risks and possible breakdowns in summer, my guys are offering some expert tips…
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Car care tips from my guys during the coronavirus pandemic

We hope you are staying safe and well during this incredible time of disruption. Our thoughts are with those affected by the virus, those caring for sick people and those that have lost loved ones. We always put people first, but we want to talk about your car, although stationary now, it is still a…
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