Don’t ignore the risks of sharing the road if your car is ‘braking bad’

8 Dec 2021

Don’t ignore the risks of sharing the road if your car is ‘braking bad’

We all rely on our cars to go from A to B. We also rely on our brakes to stop the minute there is a hazard ahead. So, how is your brake system now the winter weather is setting in?

You may not be aware you have a ‘braking bad’ problem; however, the symptoms of brake problems include:

  • A grinding, squeaking noise when pushing the brake pedals – this sound results from worn pads that need replacing.
  • The car pulling to one side under braking – could be a component sticking.
  • The brake pedal feeling spongy – could be due to air in the hydraulic system.

If you have a brake warning light on the dashboard, don’t ignore it. Along with tyres, a car’s brakes are the most crucial system in keeping a car safe on the road. Don’t wait to check your braking system during the annual MOT.

New brake pads on the left. Worn out brake pads on the right

Get a winter health check

It is a relatively quick and straightforward job to check the condition of a car’s brakes. Using a flashlight to get a good look at the brake pad will help determine its thickness. A worn-out brake pad is thin and will need replacing. But any motorist who doesn’t know how to, or would like an expert opinion, can visit my guys for a free check.

We can establish the cause of any problems and advise whether repairs are needed – and it’s not as expensive as you may think.

Examples of ‘dangerous defects’ include:

  • Leaking hydraulic fluid – leaks from a brake value such that brake functionality is affected.
  • Brake problems – brake disc or drum missing, or the brake lining or pad is missing or incorrectly mounted.
  • Dangerous wheels – a wheel with more than one loose or missing wheel nut, bolt or stud or the wheel is distorted or worn to the extent it is likely to become detached.

A vehicle will be recorded as “no longer road legal” if it fails its MOT due to a dangerous fault. If you drive the car, you could be fined £2,500, be banned from driving, and incur three points on your licence.

It is vital that drivers can stop their car as quickly as possible in an emergency, and anyone suffering braking bad symptoms may have their safety compromised as a result.

At Mr T Autos we can check your brakes

As winter weather becomes harsher, we would urge anyone experiencing these warning signs to get their brake system checked as soon as possible.

Get in touch if you need an MOT, repair, or advice. Call us on 01628 788 880 or book via or message us on Facebook or find us on NEXTDOOR.

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