Don’t ‘let it go’, get a winter health check

1 Dec 2020

Don’t ‘let it go’, get a winter health check

With 2020 highlighting the essential things in life, Christmas is going to be meaningful to us all. Travelling to see loved ones already has its difficulties this year. So, here are some ways to avoid your rendition of Frozen – because the cold will bother you when you’re stranded on the side of the road.

How a winter health check can help

Mr T Auto’s owner Andy explains that it is often the simple things that let you down. These can be things such as checking there’s air in your tyres and fuel in your tank before you set off. Other breakdown reasons include flat tyres, dead batteries, and other electrical malfunctions.

We know this year’s pandemic has not made it easy to keep on top of regular car servicing. However, we urge you not to carry on and wait for signs of trouble before taking action. Come and visit us for a winter health check to ensure your car is ready for the journey.

For £15, we will conduct a winter health check and let you know what needs to happen to keep you safe. Compare that with the hundreds, it will cost you if you need a recovery operator to turn out, especially on Christmas Day, and get you to your destination or back home. It is not worth the risk.

Here are our tips for stress-free Christmas journeys:

  • Get a winter service – so everything is prepared.
  • Be good to your battery. Lockdown has put pressure on its reliability, and the cold weather puts an additional burden on it, so get it checked.
  • Check the pressure and tread on all your tyres, including the spare.
  • Wipe your blades — check your wiper blades – are they leaving marks, or do they have any cracks or splits? They are a cheap component but invaluable for clear visibility.
  • Check the levels — screenwash, coolant, oil. As part of our service, we will check and top up it all.
  • The scout ethos — be prepared. Winter weather can turn ugly quite quickly, so have a few supplies in the boot, just in case the worst happens, and you are waiting for help for a lengthy period.

Finally, spread the cheer… no one likes sitting in traffic jams, but you can help defuse any seasonal and 2020 tensions by a small act of kindness such as letting someone into the queue…

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