Helping you stay safe on the road and save the planet

Helping you stay safe on the road and save the planet

Well maintained tyres play a vital role in road safety, as they’re the only things keeping your vehicle on the road. Neglecting them can result in reduced handling and grip or even rapid deflation, a considerable safety risk. Thankfully though, with just a few regular checks, you can ensure your tyres will help to keep you safe.

Here are three essential tyre inspections you can do at home before setting off on your journey.

  1. Check your tyres air pressures when they are cold (i.e., travelled less than two miles) against the vehicle manufacturers recommended settings.
  2. The condition of your tyres should be carefully inspected, looking out for any cuts, lumps, or bulges in the tyre. You should also check the tread for any signs of uneven wear and remove any embedded objects.
  3. The tread depth is the final area of the tyre to check. Just grab a 20p to use as a guide. The border of a 20p is 2.6mm, so when inserted into a tyre’s grooves, you can quickly assess if a tyre is close to the limit by checking if that border remains visible. If you can see it at various points across the tyre’s circumference, then you should come and speak to us. We will be able to help you make an informed decision about your next set of tyres.

Did you know all tyres will soon carry labelling for efficiency, wet grip, and noise?

A new EU regulation mandates the use of newly designed tyre labels – it will be like those found on energy-consuming household appliances – that already set out the product’s rankings for performance and efficiency.

The legislation on updating labelling will be in UK law soon. But here’s an overview, the label will feature a new five-stage classification system (from A to E) for rolling resistance and wet grip, three classes (A to C) for exterior noise, and additional symbols that signify whether the tyre is suitable for snow or ice conditions.

We already provide a tyre knowledgeable service, but the new labelling will help you make more informed choices with a QR code for customer reviews.

Given that tyres account for up to 20 per cent of a car’s CO2 emissions, we can help enable you to make informed choices that will help reduce your vehicle’s environmental impact.

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