Get That ‘Just Drove Out Of A Showroom’ Look

Get That ‘Just Drove Out Of A Showroom’ Look

Hybrid X

Do you long for that ‘just drove out of a showroom look’? Well now you can with an incredible new product: HybridX. It protects tens better and longer than the current leading car care brands; plus, it costs less to apply in comparison and, the best part, it’s totally organic – so no lung-busting smells, which can totally mess up the environment.

When Leigh Walton, of discovered HybridX, he was really impressed and took to testing out the range of cleaners on all the prestige cars in his care. He reports: “I’ve been detailing cars for 20 years and I have to say this is the most exciting new product to come to the market. The finish is flawless with such clarity and shine.”

What is HybridX?

Here’s the science part: HybridX is created using advanced NANO surface protection technology. It works, not as a coating traditionally would, just sitting on top of the surface, instead it bonds with the surface on a molecular level.

There is no ceramic, no silicone, no polymer and no chemicals involved in its creation. To be more precise, it’s made from 9H Sapphire hard mineral and other composite materials imploded to seven nanometers – as a unit of measurement a nanometer equals one-billioneth of a metre. For example, a human hair is 80-100,000 nanometres thick! These NANO particles are so small they penetrate through the pores of material and increase its resistance to abrasion and minor scratches. It’s so durable, it shrugs off even brake fluid and fuel spills.

How is HybridX different?

The optical clarity of anything it touches is enhanced by the NANO mineral particles that create reflection and refraction on the surface. In sunlight, high gloss becomes shinier and matt surfaces take on a silk sheen. And when it rains, the Hybrid X products provide protection and a perfect beaded, wet-look.

This oleophobic and hydrophobic product is completely environmentally safe too, so you can use HybridX Quickclean on the leather in your car, and not impact your family’s health. Leigh even uses HybridX Shield on his windows, so when his French Mastiff licks it, there’s no sign of his slobber.

The range includes: Quickclean, as its name implies for when mess needs to go quickly. Finite: a 2+ month protection clean system; Ultimate: a 5+month NANO protection and Fusion: a lifetime NANO guarantee.

Don’t just take science and Leigh’s word for it. Owner of MRT Autos is so impressed, he’s now in association with Leigh and together they can offer a complete valeting service. Why not try a valet with your next car service?

Call 01628 788 880 to find out more about the type of valets on offer.

The bottom line is, that if you want your vehicle to stay showroom-shiny, then this is the product for you.

HybridX Range


FINITE: Instant professional detailer 2+ months protector. Use FINITE on the entire vehicle, black plastics, interior and exterior glass, clear vision plastics, even the interior plastics.

ULTIMA: Professional rich cream NANO protection coating 5+ months protector. Contains colour enhancing reflective NANO particles delivering an unprecedented deep mirror 3D holographic gleam.

SHIELD: Instant, semi-permenant NANO coating 5+months protector. SHIELD can be applied to all surfaces, paintwork, acrylic, plastics, alloys, engine and all surrounds even iridium visors. Use SHIELD on top of already protected paintwork, it will heal and extend the amount of time these last for,

FUSION: Permanent chemically bonded NANO stone protection. Coat once and protect for life. Extreme temperature resistance, plus 600 degrees centigrade makes it perfect for engine protection too. Stone encrusted to achieve even greater gleam.


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