Is your car suffering with ‘mayonnaise on the oil cap’ or ‘spongy brakes’?

Is your car suffering with ‘mayonnaise on the oil cap’ or ‘spongy brakes’?

Continuous personal development is often top of the mind at this time of year, so make 2022 the year when you learn “mechanic jargon”.

My guys and I have come up with seven of the top jargon terms and have helpfully translated their meanings.

Jargon term Meaning
Your big end has gone Your ‘big end’ is not in reference to too much Christmas snacking, it is a large bearing (the semi-circular sleeve of metal inside the engine) that has worn out and failed. Loss in this part can result in further damage to other parts of the engine. That is what that loud knocking noise is, especially when you accelerate.
Excessive play Sadly, this meaning is not as fun as it first sounds. The mechanic is referencing the steering or suspension parts. ‘The play’ typically means excessive movement of a part. A part that could be moving more than it should or moving when it should not be moving at all.
Diagnostic check/ charge The technician may plug a diagnostics system into your car to assess any faults; this sounds technical, and mechanics can use it to mask the cost of an hour’s labour, but it usually entails no more than plugging a laptop into the car, taking minutes.
Your bushes on the wishbone are going This is not a reference to the long-forgotten Christmas turkey. The bushes are the little rubber flexible parts. They help when you drive over bumpy roads, and the bushes attach to suspension parts, including the triangular components called wishbones. The little rubber parts can easily perish and wear out. They are not an expensive fix, however.
You’ve got mayonnaise under your oil cap If water or condensation under the oil cap mixes with engine oil, it creates thick, white-coloured gunk that collects there; this could indicate that there is an issue with the head gasket, which is quite a severe problem.
Spongy brakes There is truly little resistance when the brake pedal is depressed, indicating that the brakes are not working properly, usually due to a lack of brake fluid
I need to access your CAN-bus The mechanic is asking to access the electronics system or the brain of your car. This system allows the vehicle’s engine management computer to ‘talk’ to other parts of the car.

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