Lockdown car care is still essential

Lockdown car care is still essential

We know there is some confusion about what is essential and what is not during the current lockdown. I receive many calls asking whether an MOT is worth it. Honestly, it is, and we are here to help sort it out for you.

I can see where the confusion is coming from. During the first lockdown, the government gave a six-month extension to all drivers. With the current lockdown, that is not the case. The government has NOT introduced an MOT exemption.

This means that cars still need a valid MOT and that if it expires during this lockdown, the vehicle must pass a test before being driven on the road. It would be silly to get caught without a valid MOT when you need to make that essential drive.

MRT Autos is open as usual, and we have strict procedures in place to keep you and my guys safe. You can book online or call me direct. If you are isolating at home, we can pick your car up and drop it back. If you can drive it to us, you will need to wait outside. But don’t worry, we have a deal with Castle Taxis who can take you back home for £5 anywhere in the local area.

Tips to keep your car moving

For those who are not using their cars, we encourage you to protect your car battery, this will help avoid problems when you next need to drive. The cold winter and the car’s lack of use at the moment means the battery is draining power. You can still take preventative measures without leaving home.

  • Just start the car once or twice a week and let the engine run at least 15 minutes (stay in your car when you are doing this, and the car must be outside)
  • Remember that a colder engine takes more out of the battery to start – if you can, start your car during the warmer part of the day rather than first thing in the morning.
  • Check your battery’s age – most batteries are stamped with date codes. A battery more than five years old may be at risk of failure, especially if the car is only making short or infrequent trips.

We offer a winter safety check. My guys can report on the health of your car’s battery, as well as other vital factors for winter driving, such as tyre condition, coolant/antifreeze, lights, wiper blades and screenwash.

My guys are here to help. Get in touch if you need an MOT, repair, or advice. Call us on 01628 788 880 or book via info@mrtautos.co.uk, message us on Facebook, or find us on NEXTDOOR.

We are here for the carers

For all NHS staff, nurses, doctors, contract cleaners and other essential keyworkers struggling with their cars, please call MRT on 07768 448823. We will make sure your vehicle is in working order, so you can continue being heroes. As a small business, this is our little way of showing our appreciation for the hard work you continue fighting against this virus.

We hope you all stay safe and well during this incredible time of disruption. Our thoughts go out to those affected by the virus, those caring for sick people, and those who have lost loved ones.

Stay safe, everyone.

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