Shine your ride

16 Aug 2018

Shine your ride

Nano-Ceramic Technology

Keeping your car looking good does seem like an endless battle. Driving around, you expose your ride to every kind of pollution. Cleaning your pride and joy, not only eats into your precious weekend hours, but some of the strong chemicals, if not applied correctly, can do damage to the paintwork too. And, it’s not just paintwork, the cars made of many different materials, including plastic, aluminum, rubber, glass, textile and leather…. that amount of specific cleaning product requires another garage just to store it all in.

Fortunately, Andy at Mr T Autos knows Leigh Walton, a man’s who’s chamois is always on the latest products. As a professional valeting detailer, Leigh is particularly excited about a nano-ceramic coating technology, specifically developed for vehicles called CNS Tech Solution. It’s a product that air-dries in two-hours, and the three-step coating can last for up to five years.

It’s like the holy grail of car cleaning!

What exactly is Nano-Ceramic Coating?

Nano-ceramic coating is a chemical bonding that forms with substrates at an atomic level, forming a protective layer. The results of using nano-ceramic coating can usually be seen in detail on the exteriors of desirable cars in the pages of auto magazines – especially those 125-degree water, bead angle shots.

Leigh is offering Mr T Autos customers, his expertise using advanced nano technology and air dried ceramic coatings for both new and used vehicles (cars, motorbikes, aeroplanes, boats, caravans etc), outside and inside.

This advanced technology will chemically bond to your vehicle to provide the ultimate protection against: bird droppings; colour fading; acid rain; tree sap; oxidation; road grime and dirt; brake dust; bug-splatter and light surface scratching (SGS approved 9H hard). The products work just as hard on fabrics and leather, offering a remarkable protection for your interior.

Leigh can tailor nano-ceramic protection packages to customer’s vehicle requirements. Prices are dependent upon size of the vehicle, condition of the paint and level of service required.

To ensure the durability of the nano-ceramic paint protection, the vehicles paintwork needs to be in perfect condition, expertly decontaminated and cleansed to ensure the surface is free from any contaminants that may interfere with the bonding process.

Fortunately, Leigh has more than 20 years’ professional valeting experience. All scratches and swirls in the paintwork will be removed before the nano-ceramic coat is applied using a paint corrective procedure to ensure that, once the coating has cured, no imperfections are sealed beneath it.

Prices start from £150 – please call to discuss your requirements.

Call 01628 788 880; email or just pop into the garage in Unit 4 Cordwallis Commercials, Cordwallis Street, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 7BE

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