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DPF cleaning services in Maidenhead. Get more out of diesel engines.

If you have a diesel car you probably have a diesel particle filter (DPF). All new diesel cars have them. They stop soot that would harm the environment escaping and as they are used they clog up and start to degrade your car’s performance. So from time to time you have to have them cleaned. Normally this is a time consuming, messy and expensive process. However Mr T Autos has adopted a new American technique for diesel particle filter cleaning that is effective, easy and cheap.

Using BG Products to easily and cheaply clean DPF filters

The traditional method of DPF cleaning is messy and time consuming. You literally remove the DPF filter and manually clean it and then reattach it. The DPF filter can be complicated to remove and as this method is time consuming it is also expensive. However we are one of the earliest adopters of using BG Products to clean DPF filters. You probably haven’t heard of them. Its a new system that was recently launched in America and has only just started to be used in this country and they supply direct to trade. In the USA they rose from nowhere to become the no.1 fuel and oil treatment company in record time, and their success was based wholly on the fact that unlike most oil additives and cleaners theirs actually works.

We pride ourselves on looking after our clients. That’s why we promise you:

No hidden costs – no surprises means you can budget easily
Straight-talking – expert engineers will talk you through the work
Fast service – we know you need your car back on the road quickly
Experienced mechanics – car parts for any make or model, the knowledge to fit them
To make your life easier – we can come collect your car, even if it is broken down


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Derrick Smart writes…
After the car is a few years old going to the main dealer for repair you have to get a mortgage out, but with Andy and his team you get honest friendly advice…

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