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Maidenhead ECU remapping and car tuning. Get superior performance and efficiency

ECU remapping improves your cars performance. On modern cars there is a computer chip that controls the way the engine works. It controls the injector opening times and the rate fuel is injected and ignited. This is called engine mapping. We can analyse the way your engine is mapped and then optimise it to get more efficient combustion and more power. With ECU remapping we can tune your car for fuel efficiency or performance.

Most new cars have their engines mapped in a very neutral manner. Manufacturers ship cars all over the world and every new car has to be able to cope in every environment and condition. They have to be able to deal with poor fuel quality, dusty desert environments, extreme cold and poor servicing. So the manufactures make a trade off and map the car’s engine so it’s mediocre in all environments but excellent in none. We don’t have these issues in the UK so we are able to tune a car for superior performance.

What benefit will I get from car tuning:

Every case is different and there are a lot of factors to take into account but we would expect about a 10% gain in BHP (brake horsepower) and torque. But there are a lot of factors to take into account, its worth noting as well that diesel engine tuning is more effective than petrol engine tuning.

Car tuning services in Maidenhead:

  • Car economy tuning
  • Performance car tuning
  • Car engine tuning
  • Ecu remapping
  • Diesel engine tuning



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Derrick Smart writes…
After the car is a few years old going to the main dealer for repair you have to get a mortgage out, but with Andy and his team you get honest friendly adviceā€¦

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