Shine on with SCC mobile car valeting service

Shine on with SCC mobile car valeting service

As the owner of MRT Autos, I know how important car care is, and I would like to introduce you to a professional hand car wash service SCC Valeting…

With a lifelong passion for cars, and frankly anything with an engine (that includes boats), Paul Butcher and Aaron Milldenhall offer a first-class vehicle valeting service on your doorstep with their company SCC.

The dedication to detailing began as teenagers. The pair would get together with friends on a Sunday to clean, maintain, and tinker with their cars in Old Windsor – that is where the name, Sunday Car Club (SCC) began.

SCC Valeting offers two fully mobile self-sufficient services, and the pair have more than 20 years of skills, knowledge, and experience. They use Meguiar’s products and quality car care brands to provide a comprehensive valet at home or any chosen, comfortable location for you.

Car valeting is a necessary part of car ownership, and nothing compares to the feeling of climbing into a freshly professionally cleaned car. Paul and Aaron take pride in complete interior and exterior cleaning services, improving your vehicle’s allure – whether it is a car, motorbike, or van. It will look and feel fantastic – just like it rolled out of a showroom.

SCC Valeting packages start from just £25 and can be tailored to meet your exact car detailing needs, such as removing light scratches, swirl marks, interior cleaning, soft-top roof washing and anything in between.

SCC Valeting: brother, Paul and sister Ann

Get in touch by calling 07889 255302 or emailing It is a real family business with Paul’s sister Ann overseeing customer services and administration – so no document goes unchecked and no air freshener goes missing.

SCC Valeting solutions make life easy for busy motorists, and professionally cleaning vehicles is at the heart of what they do.

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