Car care tips from my guys during the coronavirus pandemic

Car care tips from my guys during the coronavirus pandemic

technician sitting in car checklisting wearing protective gloves and mask

We hope you are staying safe and well during this incredible time of disruption. Our thoughts are with those affected by the virus, those caring for sick people and those that have lost loved ones.

We always put people first, but we want to talk about your car, although stationary now, it is still a crucial part of your armoury, protecting you and your family during this crisis.

The guys at MRT Autos have some practical advice for making sure your car is ready for essential shopping or medical needs.

Car care tips

  • You should start your car’s engine once a week – try and fit this into your once-daily exercise routine.
  • Slowly, release the parking brake – only if safe to do so, on a flat surface. Gently move your car forward and back; this is to ensure your tyres are not sitting in the same place for too long. And, by moving the vehicle slightly it will move the brake pads, so they don’t stick to the discs.
  • Without upsetting your neighbours, try to get the engine up to full operating temperature, this will ensure the engine oil and coolant system has been circulating.
  • When you switch your car off, make sure nothing is left switched on, for example, exterior and interior lights, music systems, fans, heaters or air conditioning.
  • It is worth remembering, that while the car is parked, the alarm system’s sensors are working and drawing on the battery. Unfortunately, you can’t drive the car around, to get the battery up to full capacity – that would take a couple of hours, and it’s non-essential driving (so don’t break the lockdown law).

How we can help

We cannot ignore the harsh way that the COVID-19 emergency is affecting our daily life. So, we want to let you know that we’re here for you. After all, the government agrees, we are an essential service during this challenging time, and we’re open. We can check your tyre pressures, lights, oil and water. We also offer a free battery test and charging service. Plus, if your car is due an MOT, we can sort this out too.

You do not need to leave your home; we will collect and drop off your car. My guys always wear protective gloves and are following all the handwashing protocols. They will maintain safe distances when dealing with you to avoid physical contact, and there’s no need to sign for anything – we’ll do it over the telephone. Before returning, we will have given all surfaces a sanitising cleanse.

We just want to add again, for all the NHS staff, nurses, doctors, contract cleaners and other essential keyworkers struggling with their cars, please call Andy on 01628 788880. We will make sure your vehicle is in working order, so you can continue being heroes. As a small business, this is our little way of showing our appreciation for the hard work that you’re doing right now fighting against this virus.

Stay safe, everyone. Hopefully, by the summer, our daily lives will return to normal.

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