Check your car’s health and have a hoppy Easter

Check your car’s health and have a hoppy Easter

Spring has sprung, the weather is starting to warm up (mostly), and it’s the perfect time to get the whole family out and about over the Easter weekend.

Whether you are eager to go on the classic Easter egg hunt, keen to take advantage of the spring weather, cheer on outdoor sports, or plan a long-awaited picnic in the park with family, no matter what your plans are, you need to make sure your car is ready for the road. Before you set off, here is a handy checklist.

Tyre checks

Air pressure: find the tyre size on the sidewall; it will be in this format XXX/XX/RXX, for example, 195/55/R15. Look up the air pressure for your vehicle either in the handbook, filler cap or on the door sill. Cross-reference the size of the tyre with the recommended pressure, and bear in mind that you will likely have two values displayed: one for a fully-loaded vehicle and the other with minimal occupants.

Condition: Cracking the tyre’s sidewall indicates that the ageing process has made it lose its suppleness and beyond its safe lifespan. It should be checked by a professional if you see this ‘crazing’ effect, as you will also need to do if you notice any lumps or bulges. If a tyre has a ‘flat spot’, it is likely to be felt by vibration through the steering wheel when driven; we have the equipment to check this for you.

Tread depth: The minimum tread depth for vehicles under 3.5 tons is 1.6mm (1mm for motorcycles and scooters over 50cc). Ideally, it should be checked with an accurate tread depth gauge but if you do not have one, insert a 20p-piece into the central grooves of your tyre and at several points around its circumference. If you can see the border at any point, it might be illegal; my guys will help you make sure.

Oil checks

When did you last do an oil check? An oil warning light coming on is not the same warning as a petrol light – you don’t have plenty of time to top up the level. When the oil light illuminates on your dashboard, you may only have a handful of miles before severe and expensive damage is caused to your engine. My guys will happily help you understand the correct levels for your car with a free oil check.

Water checks

Have you checked your vehicle fluid levels? Your car will alert you if you’re running low on coolant, but ideally, you shouldn’t let it get this low, just like oil. We can help you get the balance

Electrics checks

Check all the lights, preferably with a helper to operate the switches or walk around whilst you do. Failing that, use the reflection of the lights in a window or a nearby car. In addition to your lights, check your horn and windscreen washers, and remember to be considerate of others when you do – waking up the neighbours won’t make you popular.

At Mr T Autos, we urge drivers to ensure they’ve carried out the necessary checks to ensure their vehicle is still in egg-cellent condition and is #ReadyForTheRoad ahead of the Easter weekend. So come and book a cracking Easter Health Check. (We promise we’ll provide great service without the dad jokes.)

My guys are here to help. Get in touch if you need an MOT, repair, or advice. Call us on 01628 788 880 or book via, message us on Facebook, or find us on NEXTDOOR.

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