Right here, right now, MRT Autos is here for you

Right here, right now, MRT Autos is here for you

Saturday’s news is not what any of us wanted to hear. Still, as we head towards another lockdown from Thursday, we hope you are staying safe and well during this second wave of disruption.

Your car, although stationary right now, is still a crucial part of your armoury, protecting you and your family during this crisis. We can check your tyre pressures, lights, oil, and water. We also offer a free battery test and charging service. Plus, if your car is due an MOT, we can sort this out too.

You do not need to leave your home; we will collect and drop off your car. My guys are all used to the new normal of face masks, safe distancing, and hand sanitising. Let me reassure; we take every precaution not to cross-contaminate or re-contaminate anyone’s vehicle. All equipment is either disposed of or sanitised between other bookings. And, before returning, we will have given your car’s surfaces a sanitising cleanse.

We will carry out work as usual, but everything will take a little longer. Please be aware offering this pick-up service will take time, and the sourcing of parts may be a slower process with our suppliers – these are challenging times.

My guys are here to help. Get in touch if you need an MOT, repair, or advice. Call us on 01628 788 880 or book via info@mrtautos.co.uk, message us on Facebook, or find us on NEXTDOOR.

We hope you all stay safe and well during this incredible time of disruption. Our thoughts are with those affected by the virus, those caring for sick people and those that have lost loved ones.

We want to add again, for all the NHS staff, nurses, doctors, contract cleaners and other essential keyworkers struggling with their cars, please call MRT on 01628 788880. We will make sure your vehicle is in working order, so you can continue being heroes. As a small business, this is our little way of showing our appreciation for the hard work that you continue to do fighting against this virus.

Stay safe, everyone.

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