How to get ‘tyred’ from lockdown

How to get ‘tyred’ from lockdown

My guys and I are looking forward to the easing of the current lockdown restrictions. Little by little, we will get back to normal, but we urge you before setting off to check your tyres – not just for tread wear, but condition and air pressure.

We understand how the impact of this pandemic has put maintenance checks on hold for many. Still, this visual check can save you money in the long run and reduce the risk of a tyre-related incident when you do return to the roads.

Cracking up

Did you know a tyre is likely to harden and crack more quickly when it is left stationary than when you use it extensively? The effect of hardening usually takes months to have a noticeable impact on tyre condition – and we have had months of lockdown. If you have had the same set of tyres fitted for some years, please be aware of the potential for cracking to appear at any time.

Out of shape

Another long-term problem for tyres due to all this waiting in the parking position is the vehicle’s weight resting on one section of its circumference. The tyre can become misshapen, which can create weak points internally. When driving at higher speeds, these weak points make excessive heat and can lead to a catastrophic failure (or blowout) of the tyre.

Under pressure

Driving a car with underinflated tyres will just add to your fuel bill and increase wear. It is important to continue to maintain your tyre’s air pressure, even though there’s been less travelling on the roads these past months. We advise following the vehicle manufacturer’s setting recommendation to reduce the risk of long-term damage. Use an accurate pressure gauge to check all tyres are properly inflated, including the spare wheel if your vehicle has one. If you cannot find your owner’s manual, we can always advise you on your car’s correct air pressure.

We offer a car safety check. My guys can report on the health of your car’s battery, as well as other vital factors for driving, such as tyre condition, coolant/antifreeze, lights, wiper blades and screenwash.

My guys are here to help. Get in touch if you need an MOT, repair, or advice. Call us on 01628 788 880 or book via, message us on Facebook, or find us on NEXTDOOR.

For all NHS staff, nurses, doctors, contract cleaners and other essential keyworkers struggling with their cars, please call MRT on 07768 448823. We will make sure your vehicle is in working order, so you can continue being heroes. As a small business, this is our little way of showing our appreciation for the hard work you continue fighting against this virus.

We hope you all stay safe and well during this incredible time of disruption. Our thoughts go out to those affected by the virus, those caring for sick people, and those who have lost loved ones.

Stay safe, everyone.

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